Gadabuursi Samarone Saeed

    Introduction to Gadabuursi

The Gadabuursi also known as Samarone is a Nothern Somali Clan. Most Gadabuursi are the descendants of Sheikh Samarone Saeed. Sheikh Samarone (Sammari) was one of the Ashraf Scholars that crossed from Arabia to East Africa to spread Islam

Gadabuursi are concentrated in Northwestren Somali especially in the Awdal Region. They also inhibit Ithopia at Jigjiga and Shinile teritory as well as Jabouti. Gadabuursi central focal city is Borama, but they have high presence in Jabouti, Jigjiga, Hargeisa, Gabilay, Dila, and Sayla

Gadabuursi as the name implies is a group of tribes tied by sort of cord. the major tribes in the Gadabuursi are listed below:

1. Samarone

2. Hebjirreh

3. Jibrain

4. Ali Ganuun

5. Gobo